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At Renton Auto Service we understand that all vehicles require regularly scheduled maintenance in order to ensure that all fluids are at the proper level, and all parts that are in working order, or worn out are replaced correctly. We have ASE certified European vehicle repair specialists who are experts in serving and repairing European vehicles.

Our customer’s European vehicle works together as one unit since all of the parts are interrelated. This is the reason that our customer’s European vehicle can to provide them with safe and reliable transportation. However, failures can occur whenever maintenance isn’t performed on a regular schedule. This can result in the failure of specific components or of a whole system, or both. When even the simplest routine maintenance isn’t performed, such as a check of the coolant or an oil change, it can result in poor fuel economy, expensive breakdowns, or unreliability. A voided automobile warranty can also result whenever the regularly scheduled maintenance is neglected.

Renton Auto Service can provide all routine maintenance services such as exhaust replacement and repair, batter replacement and service, wheel alignment, muffler replacement, oil changes, climate control service, tune ups, tire replacement, balancing, and rotation, air conditioning service, brake replacement and service, strut and shock replacement, preventative maintenance, and battery replacement and service.

The European vehicle experts at Renton Auto Service can take care of our customer’s European regardless if it needs scheduled maintenance, repair work, or service related to a manufacturer’s recall. Since our customer’s European vehicles represent a significant investment it is important for our customers to take an active role in the maintenance of their European vehicle. Regularly scheduled maintenance will help to protect that investment. Regularly scheduled maintenance will also help our customers extend the life of their European vehicles as well as help to preserve its value. In addition to helping our customers to prevent expensive repairs in the future, regularly scheduled maintenance will also optimize the safety, performance, and fuel efficiency of our customer’s European vehicles.

There are natural factors in the environment, including friction, pollution, and extreme temperatures that all automobiles are exposed to. When to vehicle components come together, the result is friction. Renton Auto Service can provide information with regard to friction, potential problems, and recommend a schedule for oil changes and lubrication service. Pollutants are materials that include dirt and corrosion, which can clog fuel and lubrication systems. Damage can also be caused to our customer’s European vehicle by environmental elements such as pollutants in the air, industrial fallout, and exposure to a bright sun for extended periods of time.

Renton Auto Service offers the best European vehicle service and repair in the Renton area. Our ASE certified automotive technicians that have a complete knowledge of European automobile repair and service. Our customers can rely on our repair and service facility to do the repair or service work right the first time. Renton Auto Service knows that our customers rely on their European vehicle. That is the reason that, prior to them becoming a real problem, our ASE certified automotive technicians will inform our customers with regard to any potential problems with their automobile.

The Renton Auto Service team really wants the opportunity to earn our customer’s business. Nowadays, service and repair of a vehicle can frequently be very confusing and complicated. Our goal is to remove the complications and confusion from our customers’ European vehicle service or repair. Communication is the best way to ensure successful vehicle service or repairs. At Renton Auto Service, our customers are provided with honest and straight forward about the service or repairs that their European vehicle requires in addition to an explanation about exactly what was required to repair their European vehicle, from the delivery of their European vehicle and even from their first phone call to make an appointment.

Renton Auto Repair only carries and uses the best brands of fluids and OEM replacement parts so that we can keep our customer’s European automobile running and performing and running smoothly. Also, Renton Auto Repair has expert ASE certified automotive technicians who only use the latest diagnostic equipment. The systems in our customer’s European vehicle will receive a complete analysis which will permit our customers to understand the requirements of their vehicle in order to keep it running well for miles down the road.

Renton Auto Service is very proud of its honesty and integrity. We are very loyal to our customers and enjoy servicing or repair their European vehicles. We understand that routine maintenance and service is crucial to making sure that our customers are as satisfied driving their vehicle as they were they drove the vehicle home. Regular maintenance will help to maintain a valid vehicle warranty as well as keeping their European vehicle operating at peak performance. All of our service and repair worked is guaranteed with an 18,000 mile or 18 month warranty.

Renton Auto Repair will work on whatever schedule is convenient to our customers. Although we welcome our customers dropping off their vehicle for service or repair, it will save some waiting time if they make an appointment. Whenever it is convenient for our customers to drop their European vehicle off for service or repair, we will immediately get started servicing or repairing that vehicle.

In addition, Renton Auto Repair will also provide our customers with a complete estimate of their service or repair bill. Unless some unexpected repair is needed, that estimate will remain in effect. We will inform the customer of any additional expense, should there is some unexpected repair required, before repairing our customer’s automobile.

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